emergency Police Station cover, almost entirely from within the firm, in order to ensure a consistently high quality of representation.

Although based at different sites, one of our main strengths lays in our ability to operate as one firm, offering mutual support to each other, thereby ensuring the best service to all of the firm’s clients.

We have a friendly, dedicated and highly experienced team, who care about each case, providing an effective and efficient service at all times.

We offer a comprehensive service in the area of Criminal Law. Our highly experienced team have worked with all types of criminal case from murder, rape, arson, robbery and fraud (simple and complex) to shoplifting, fare evasion and dangerous dogs.

Our involvement in a number of high profile cases and experience of dealing with the press and media in such circumstances, continues to attract clients from a variety of backgrounds. We have acted for the full range of those accused of criminal offences from the serial killer to the millionaire businessman. Most recently we were successfully involved in the ‘Historic Tonbridge Securitas Robbery’ trial.

All our solicitors appear regularly in court and attend police stations to advise and assist those arrested.In addition to our internal resources we also recognize that on occasions input from other professionals is needed. We have established working relationships with a network of leading experts from various disciplines. Forensic science and medicine are the areas most often required but, on occasions, a case might depend on the evidence of an expert in any one of many disciplines and with our contacts we can be relied upon to find the right expert for the task.

To augment our own Crown Court advocacy resources and for the most serious cases in the Crown Courts we instruct counsel (barristers). We will discuss the choice of counsel with you but again with our wide experience we will be able to advise you on your choice of counsel. Where we instruct counsel we work closely with them to provide you with the best legal defence team we can to represent you. We work closely with one set of chambers in order that we can build relationships and understandings of the ways in which we work. To this end we send nearly all of our work to the chambers of Mr. William Clegg QC at 2 Bedford Row, London. This set are widely recognised as leaders in the field of criminal law – “The set … is rated as England’s finest serious crime chambers” - The Lawyer, Interview 22 September 2003 (see www.2bedfordrow.com