Magistrates Court: What Should I Do?

How to answer the question of whether to be represented in the Magistrates Court

Our Answer

For those of us who are experienced lawyers going to court is an everyday experience. However it still has the ability to be complicated and challenging particularly when it comes to law and procedure. For those who are not qualified it can be a bewildering and frustrating experience.This is all the more so when a person's liberty may be at stake.

We would recommend that anyone appearing in the Magistrates Court at the very least CONSIDERS having a solicitor to represent them - the law is always changing, sometimes there are little known defences and procedure can be complex. Moreover in many cases (depending on income) representation will be FREE of CHARGE through legal aid.

We can advise you on the strength of the case against you, whether you have a defence and our team will diligently prepare your case and represent you in court whether you decide to plead guilty or not guilty.

The key is to GET ADVICE EARLY! The earlier you get advice the better prepared you will be.

If you want to find out whether it is worth being represented we are always happy to give you some free informal advice over the telephone on this issue or if you would like to pop in to see us we can do the same in person.

Ring us now on 01634 832 332.

Free Guide.

To help you we have produced a complimentary Guide to Criminal Procedure which you can download by clicking on the link below.

Guide to Criminal Procedure

Did You Know?

If you are in receipt of the following benefits you automatically qualify for legal aid (subject to the interests of justice test):

  • Income Support
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income-based Job Seeker's Allowance (JSA)

In the case of many other state benefits you will also qualify for legal aid (subject to means and the interest of justice test).

In fact many people who work are also entitled to legal aid (subject to means and the interest of justice test).

Please contact us for free advice on this issue and to help you make the application for legal aid.

If you do not qualify for legal aid we can still represent you as we provide a competitive service for privately paying clients. We will be able to quote you for the work involved, we will keep you informed as to the cost and in some cases we can offer low fixed fees for certain types of work. Again, call us for free advice on this issue.

We also offer several ways to pay including by debit or credit card and can sometimes offer an instalment plan.