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"One of the reasons we are admired throughout the world and regarded as a safe place to visit, live in and invest in is because we have civilised values. One aspect of these values is the fairness of our criminal justice system. Nevertheless one has to face the political reality that access to justice is extremely low on the list of priorities for ministers..." Robin Murray

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Recent Cases.

R v B

Defendant charged with six counts including grooming and rape of a girl under 16. A determined pursuit for disclosure from the prosecution led to the uncovering of evidence which subsequently undermined the claims made. After a trial lasting over a week the defendant was acquitted on all charges.

R v Zuravliovas

Richard Atkinson and Adrian Rohard (Instructed as the junior advocate) acted for the defendant who was charged with three others with the high profile murder of a young Italian waiter and inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent on his colleague. Following an eleven week trial the judge praised the work of the advocates involved.

R v Knowles (2013)

R v Dhillon (2012).

R v Fry (2012)

R v Richardson (2012)