Road Traffic Offences: What Should I Do?

How to answer the question whether to be represented in relation to cases such as speeding?

Our Answer

The chances are that for this type of case you will have to pay privately to be legally represented for cases known as 'road traffic' (such as speeding, contravening signals, careless driving etc) and this is off-putting to some. However being properly represented could mean the difference between losing or retaining your driving licence and it is often worth paying for this service.

Our Road Traffic specialist is our partner Luke Meyer (Click Here for profile) and Luke will be happy to give you a free initial consultation by telephone on 01634 832332.

Did You Know?

That if you receive 12 or more penalty points on your licence you become a 'totter' and therefore liable to a disqualification from driving for at least six months....

However there is a procedure that allows for making an 'exceptional hardship' argument for not disqualifying and sometimes this can be used as a way of keeping someone's licence.

Please contact us for further details on 01634 832332.

We offer a competitive fee structure including fixed fees in certain cases and also an instalment plan where applicable.

We are also to accept a number of methods of payment including by debit and credit card.