Simon Holmes

Partner & Duty Solicitor


During this time he worked on a number of large cases including a £5m mortgage fraud, multi-million-pound pension fraud and a carousel fraud. Simon also had considerable involvement in the defence of a police officer who was charged along with numerous others with offences dating back to the 1980s following one of the largest anti-corruption investigations in the history of the Metropolitan Police Service.

Simon joined Robin Murray & Co in 2006 and became a partner in 2010. He is a highly respected advocate who has developed a strong client following. Since he has been with the firm Simon has represented clients facing a wide range of matters including murder, rape and fraud through to more minor theft and public order matters.

Simon is known for his tenacious defence of clients' interests which has resulted in him undertaking a number of Judicial Reviews including R ('X") v Medway Magistrates' Court which was the successful review of a Magistrates Costs Order against one of his clients (resulting in the quashing of a costs order for £16,500). Simon recently spearheaded a high profile Judicial Review of the Ministry of Justice in the Government's attempt to close Sittingbourne Magistrates Court.

Simon is responsible for organising and maintaining our Information Security Policy a growing area of importance for all businesses as well as being our Money Laundering Officer.

Simon is a member of the Kent Law Society. In his spare time Simon likes spending time with his wife and two children and also likes going to the gym

Simon can be contacted on 01634 832 332 or by email on